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So here it is at long last….


Myself and waitingfor-thatrocket went on an adventure with a small team from Weydon school to one of the most needy communities in the Elmina area of Ghana. We stayed in the village school that previous teams had built and were completely dis-attached from the life we are used to.  The trip was the best time of my life. The people I met, smiles I saw and the moments I experienced will stay with me forever and have changed my life.

I feel so grateful to have experienced this at the age of 15 with people who will remain my friends for a very long time. I shed a tear weekly over how much I miss the gratitude and love that is so prominent in such a beautiful place. It radiates of every single person there, who have so little, but yet so much more than people in our society do.

It has proved to me that money does not buy happiness. Love does.

Thank you Jason for the inspiration, if it weren’t for you, this memory would not have been planted in my brain forever.

I am so excited to be sharing this with everyone, I have promised this video since I first got my ticket to Ghana, so here it is…The Freedom Song.

come on along I know you really want to feel our song

we’ve got some life to bring, we’ve got some joy in this thing

p.s. please reblog , I think Jason should see this

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