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I miss that period of time after the mraz team joined tumblr and the mrazian community went really weird


i’d say about 80% of people are lying when they wake up after a night out saying ‘i don’t remember’

nah you do remember you just don’t want to admit to what you did


i’m just tired and sad and want to makeout with you

"I don’t always wait for inspiration to strike to sit down and write something, I play a weekly song writing game with a bunch of nerds online and each week somebody sends me a word or a phrase and I have to turn that word or phrase into a song. Sometimes nothing inspires like a deadline.The phrase for the week that I wrote this song [Coyotes] was "I wish the wind would blow me’" - Jason Mraz


Live @ San Luis Obispo, CA on 19/03/2014

so this started and i was like wow major jam

and i got into the groove

but there is a point in this just over half way where he switches it up to something extraordinary and if you don’t listen you are missing out on something a lot more than a major jam



omg Im so happy,this is so amazing I want to cry:imageJason are you bootay shaking? oh dear god dont stop ;nvoadjbnv;objaev;bjrwo:image

Me every time I see and avocado:image

Am I dreaming or is this actually this amazing:image

Jason is coming to my country, I will be breathing his air:image

New song new song new song new song:image

When I wont give up comes on in public:image

Pretty sure Im not the only one.

why  does this exist though omg

 saw a bloke with jason’s face. Nothing else looked like Jason but he had his exact face and i was flailing for a good hour

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