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Royal Albert Hall Show, 26.09.14


I was finding it really difficult to sum up the Royal Albert Hall Show and I realised it was because there just isn’t any words to describe it. I was able to arm-flail to Evie and Gen from where I was sat, he started with A Beautiful Mess to Sweet Dreams to Dynamo and I pretty much died??…

when you hear someone mention Jason Mraz




I got to face time Jason Mraz on my birthday and i’m still not at all okay.

I don’t know where to start but i think i should begin by telling you that everything that you’re going to read about in this text post happened because of Evie Suzie and Genevieve and i’m beyond grateful to have them as…

Perfect. So so so perfect.

Tear jerker alert

"I love you too Mona!"

— Jason Mraz 26/09/2014 at the royal albert hall on facetime to love-is-allegorical

last night was amazing, beautiful and perfect in every way.

exciting update to come from love-is-allegorical


Anyone here going to The Royal Albert show in London on friday?

ME !!! who else?

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